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The Rewards Card-PlusIs the New Generation ofCustomer Loyalty Cards

No other Targeted Event Marketing program can offer your organization the powerful combination of benefits and features of the Rewards Card Plus. From During-Event promotion, to customer loyalty, to genuine customer opt-in of data collection and more, we’ve got you covered.


Increase Attendance and Event Revenues

The Rewards Card-Plus drives a return on investment that is immediate, sustainable and repeatable. For the Arizona State Fair, their during-event ROI was a staggering 750% in the first year alone.

And, your event vendors will be excited to receive new upside revenue from your comeback customers.

During-event marketing is one of the most underserved areas of event marketing because it is so difficult to pull off effectively. But with the Rewards Card-Plus program, you now have control of your event’s success through a during-the-event marketing program. You can see your targeted customers spending behavior during the event, giving you unprecedented visibility into your daily results, and the ability to modify the promotion in real time.

And, your event’s participating vendors will also benefit from the program through additional upside revenue gathered on the customers return visit and use of the Rewards Card-Plus.


Make Your Customers Feel Special

Targeting a customer group for a special incentive provides a level of customer motivation and loyalty that has not been available until now. The customer group targeted can be your best paying or local or a selective age group or gender based or any combination of these. The customer is the focus point of the program. And, providing a cash incentive is the best type of motivational incentive you can offer. With our Rewards Card-Plus, your customer makes a visit and spends, on average, over 10-times the incentive amount on their second visit. And, with the customers increased event loyalty, your opportunity to upsell into more event seasonal tickets (like season passes) is increased greatly.


Genuine Customer Opt-in Data Collection

With the Rewards Card-Plus providing a compelling cash incentive, your best customers willingly share their contact information with you as part of the card activation process. As the event organizer, you get to determine what customer information is gathered to activate their Rewards Card-Plus – email address, street address, phone number, etc., providing invaluable and accurate data for your future marketing efforts. In just one example, the Arizona State Fair collected tens of thousands of customer email addresses along with other demographic data- 98% of which was new to their marketing database.


Target Your Key Customers

Target Event Marketing enables you to maximize your promotional ROI by identifying and catering to your best customers. Whether you chose to target by locality, age groups, gender or other criteria, the Rewards Card-Plus offer you the unique flexibility to adjust the promotional targets “during-the-event” based on real time feedback.


More Follow Up Sales Opportunities

Genuine customer opt-in data affords you countless follow up sales opportunities that will deliver a great ROI. Next year season passes, post-event online sales of gifts and souvenirs, and satisfaction surveys are just a few of the initiatives available to you. What could you do with a reliable database of highly satisfied event customers?


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For a very small investment:

You target customer groups of your choice
You jump start your revenues
You collect customer data

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