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Start a Trial Plan and See Benefits Right Away!

For a very small investment, you can target customer groups of your choosing, jump start revenues, collect customer data, and validate all the benefits of this Targeted Event Marketing program.

The Trial Plan has all the benefits and features of a full deployment, just on a smaller, temporary scale. Customized to your events specific needs, you will pick which customer groups and vendors should participate in the promotion. The customers receiving the rewards card plus will have the ability to use the reward card at those vendors on a next day visit.

Daily reports will be provided to measure the success of the program on daily basis, showing both user and merchant information. At the conclusion of the Pilot Program, a customer survey will be conducted to determine overall customer satisfaction and final return on investment results. Encore Incentives can provide a target ROI based on your Trial Plan pre event set up and analysis.

So, test drive our Targeted Events Marketing program with a starting investment of just $5,000 and validate all the customer benefits for yourself.