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Genuine Customer Opt-In Data Collection

It’s the “Plus” in the Rewards Card-Plus Program.

Daily report graph v2.xlsxDaily report graph v2.xlsx

Increase “ During-Event” Revenues

Vendor Summary Report v1 SheetVendor Summary Report v1 Sheet

Easily Track Your Return on Investment

The Rewards Card-Plus program motivates your customer to enthusiastically share their contact information through  a cash incentive offer.  You can trust the contact information provided is accurate, because it is required for the customer to redeem their  Rewards Card-Plus cash incentive.

This data collection can be used to vastly improve the cost-efficiency of your post-event sales activities, and target market for sales of gifts, souvenirs, next year advance sales, etc.

In addition, Encore Incentives monitors the success of your event ’s promotional program on a daily basis, and can provide you with daily status reports, and a final post-event summary report.   Each report type can be customized to your requirements for quick and easy review. 

Event Reports: 

Daily Report

Daily Reports are issued at the end of each event day. The daily report gives you all the information you need monitor the success of the program in real-time. This report allows better management of the program, measuring real time results in comparison to stated program goals.  And if necessary, during-event program incentive changes can be made immediately to adjust the program’s performance.

Our Target Event Marketing solution gives you all the tools necessary closely manage every aspect of the Rewards Card-Plus program in real time and reach your program’s marketing goals cost-efficiently. 

Post-Event Summary Report

Post Reports are issued at the end of the event (three days after close). The post report gives you all the final revenue numbers, all target market contact information and vendor information on where the incentive was spent. 


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