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$2 Million Increased Revenues

Ranked as one of the top five state fairs in the country, the Arizona State Fair hosts over 1.2 million visitors each year, typically offering about 75 amusement rides, 110 food booths and 300 commercial booths. But even with all that success, the Fair knew there was an opportunity to further increase revenues and customer loyalty at the same time.


The marketing department had determined repeat customers spent 33% more than first-timers, yet some of their best paying customers were “one and done”, and did not return for a second visit in the same year. To capitalize on this opportunity, the Fair launched a Targeted Events Marketing Program, called The Rewards Card-Plus, to motivate a targeted group of the Fair’s best customers to return for a second visit, spend more money and have more fun.

The end results of the program were astounding, even to veteran marketing professionals – a large ROI return on modest investment and over $2 million in increased revenues.

Post-Fair survey results revealed the following:


93% of Rewards Card Plus recipients favorably recall participating in this loyalty rewards program
55% say they returned specifically due to the card’s reward incentive.
The customer spent the cash incentive as follows: 48% of participants used their card reward for admission, 10% for parking, 42% returned but do not recall where they redeemed the card, or used it for something other than admission or parking.
Surveyed participants report that, due to the Rewards Plus Card, they estimated spending $146 on their second visit- on admission, parking, concessions, and other items. That’s an amazing 14 times over the card’s redemption value!

The Arizona State Fair survey revealed estimated increased net revenues due to the Rewards Card of approximately $75 per visitor (after program fees, vendor compensation, etc.).

What Does the Arizona State Fair Have to Say?

“The Encore Incentives Targeted Events Marketing Program is a very exciting and value added program for the Arizona State Fair (AZSF). After our first year’s implementation of the program, the AZSF conducted multiple follow-up studies with participating customers. They all came to the same conclusions, the customer really likes the program and AZSF makes a lot of new returning revenue from it. The results, and the numbers, gives you an idea of the potential of this program. The AZSF intends to make the Targeted Events Marketing Program a standard part of future fair marketing programs.”

Assistant Executive Director
Arizona State Fair

The Fair collected tens of thousands of genuine opt-in customer emails addresses as part of the card activation process. 95% of those e-mail were new to their customer database.


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