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Targeted Event Marketing

Create a Unique Customer Rewards Program That Keeps Them Coming Back for More!


Recent marketing surveys show providing a cash incentive is the best type of motivational incentive you can offer. Our unique Rewards Card-Plus delivers a cash incentive and the customer responding with his return visit (spending over 10X the incentive on their return visit). This Targeted Event Marketing program from Encore Incentives has been carefully designed to be easily scalable to your event size and objectives, while also being transparent and seamless to your day to day event operations.

With our “During the event promotion” your targeted customers receive their Rewards Card at time of entry. Then, card registration for their reward is all done online by the customer at their convenience. Customer instructions on how to redeem the incentiveand when it becomes available is all outlined on the information packet included with the card.

To learn more about the tremendous added marketing power available to you with the Rewards Card-Plus customer data collection, click here.


Provide all custom collateral, cards and fliers
Make sure card distribution is integrated onto ticketing platform  (booth distribution)
Validate all event vendors identified to participate in promotion
Provide daily activity reports on program (customers and vendors)
Provide all customer contact information from distribution and  registration, e-mails, phone numbers, zip codes
Execute post event surveys on program feedback outline next  potential steps.


The target customer group to receive promotion
Input on the custom design for card and promo flyer
The amount of customer incentive desired to motivate a comeback (e.g. $10 value)
List of event vendors that will be involved in accepting the Reward Card- Plus cash incentive
It’s that simple!

Why It Works

Rewards Card-Plus works because it offers a cash redemption usable throughout the events operation. The second motivating factor is receiving a real debit card customized to your event. And the card is time limited to the event period. This provides further motivation for a return visit during the current operational period.

To learn more about how the Rewards Card-Plus can benefit your event, check out the Arizona State Fair Case Study.

Where It Works

The Rewards Card-Plus works well in all kinds of different events where attendance is 10,000 or more, but is especially well suited to events of three days or longer; or differing events occurring at the same venue over the course of a season.

The Rewards Card is valid only during the event’s operational period, and can be limited to only vendors picked by the event to be part of the promotion.

Rewards Card-Plus Pilot ProgramWant to know if our Targeted Event Marketing program is right for your event? Ask about our easy-to-implement Rewards Card-Plus Pilot Program.


Get started now with our easy to implement Trial Plan!

For a very small investment:

You target customer groups of your choice
You jump start your revenues
You collect customer data

Start validating the benefits of Targeted Event Marketing for your county fair, state fair, rodeo, concert or sporting event today!


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