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Dramatically increase your customer return rate and profits

while building stronger customer relationships


Increase Attendance and Revenues


Make Your Customers Feel Special


Target Your Best Customers

Targeted Events Marketing benefits all types of events and venues. Even if already have a season pass or other loyalty promotion, you’ll want to add the Rewards Card-Plus into your marketing mix. That’s because it’s a great compliment to other promotions, or as stand-alone program, with unique in features and benefits for both customers and event managers. No other Targeted Event Marketing program is so scalable, and can offer your organization this combination of benefits and features:

Increase attendance & revenue, both during event and after
Make Customers Feel Special
Genuine Customer Opt In Data Collection
Marketing That Targets to Your Best Customers
More Follow Up Sales Opportunities

Targeting a customer group for a special incentive provides a level of customer motivation that has not been available until now. The customer group targeted can be your best paying or local or a selective age group or gender based or any combination of these. The customer is the focus point of the program. And, providing a cash incentive is the best type of motivational incentive you can offer.

With our Rewards Card-Plus, your customer makes a visit and spends, on average, over 10-times the incentive amount on their second visit. Plus, they share genuine opt-in contact information, invaluable data collection for your future marketing efforts.

Your events participating vendors will also benefit from the program through additional upside revenue gathered on the customers return visit and use of the Rewards Card-Plus. With the customers increased event loyalty, your opportunity to upsell into more event seasonal tickets (like season passes) is increased greatly.


Get started now with our easy to implement Trial Plan!

For a very small investment:

You target customer groups of your choice
You jump start your revenues
You collect customer data

Start validating the benefits of Targeted Event Marketing for your county fair, state fair, rodeo, concert or sporting event today!


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